2021 TOWARD   活在未來的女子,徽因



40' HQ X 1 存放倉庫 2021.07.30


廣藝基金會首度舉辦台韓合創音樂劇《Toward-活在未來的女子,徽因》於大邱峨洋藝術中心首演,下一站將在台灣演出,在疫情如火如涂之際,將所有道具由大邱轉運至高雄存放 由於倉庫在巷弄內,巷口有許多的低矮電線,40'加高貨櫃及拖車板架高度會勾到電線,這考驗司機的開車技術,還需要派人把電線架高,突如其來的滂沱大雨也來攪局 讓卸貨櫃的難度又再提高,所有工作人員就在大雨之中完成艱難的任務。 

For the first time, the QAF (QUANTA ARTS FOUNDATION) hosted the Taiwan-Korea co-creation musical "Toward" premiered at the Eyang Art Center in Daegu. The next stop will be performed in Taiwan, amidst the pandemic. , Transfer all props from Daegu to Kaohsiung for storage Since the warehouse is in the alley, there are many low wires at the entrance of the alley. The 40' HQ container and trailer rack height will hook the wires. This tests the driving skills of the driver, and it is necessary to send someone to raise the wires. Heavy rain also came to disrupt the situation, making it more difficult to unload the containers, and all the staff completed the difficult task in the heavy rain.