Exhibition Logistics


  as a professional project、exhibition logistic company, founded in 1984, who offer full package detail service to Exhibitors and Show Organizers, we executed 300 exhibitions cross five continents a year.  We believe no one else can pay more attention than us for your needed and can familiar with those fundamental principle in custom clearance around the world at the same time.

Before our journey

There is a fundamental difference between Exhibition cargo then General Cargo and Courier Shipment.  Base on different Industries、Area、 Countries and MOU and or Trade Agreement we will have different custom regulation in both Temporary and Permanent Importation.

Taiwan who has unusual position both in geography and political definition. We also have an unusual procedure and arrangement then other Countries to Countries.


Base on the different basic concept then General Cargo and Courier service we are more emphasize on importance of harmony and balance in transportation and custom clearance. From the moment we take care of your cargo, we are racing against the time until we fulfill our promises. 
We, GTC always stand for our client with our agent/ partner around the world to face the ice- cold custom regulation with all of our heart………we are seeking a balance, a balance between practical regulation, and what exhibitor wants in the real world.。

Use GTC’s service

Because of the special international position of Taiwan, we are always finding a way out, A harmony in saving the cost while obey the custom regulation of Taiwan. and this is what we do and who we are as GTC.

The perfect combination in transportation

The perfect combination of transportation of sea, air, trucking transportation and storage / warehouse, sensitive time-critical service with care, detail and full package arrangement in move-in and move- out, whole plan for your shipment transfer to next shows.