Exhibits move in and move out to the exhibition

Before the exhibits are delivered to the exhibition hall, GTC will first communicate with the customer to understand the customer's needs, plan the operation process of all exhibits in detail, and arrange the necessary equipment and personnel in and out, move out and relocate. Go out according to the characteristics of the exhibits.
At each exhibition, we will have on-site personnel and Taiwan duty personnel ready to enter and leave related matters at any time to ensure that guests and exhibitors can immediately find GTC to solve the problem when they have questions. 

Before and moving- in and moving out 
Storage/ warehousing before the show.
Inbound- unstuffing the container/ from the truck at fairground.
Unpacking, positioning and assembling service (skilled labor, on-site supervision, forklift assistance, crane assistance.)
Empty storage 
We can offer full package service with full attention by exhibitor’s personal needed in fairground around the world. 



    -     warehousing before the show.


      -     Inbound- unstuffing the container / from the truck at fairground.


     -     skilled labor, on-site supervision,forklift assistance, crane assistance


     -    empty packing material collection, storage and delivery


    -    Special packaging repacking service appointment (ex. vacuum bag)
    -    Repacking of wooden boxes (using service of workers, stackers, cranes on site)
    -    on site order
    -    loading after receiving the exhibits