Customs broker and trading agency service

Trading agency

We offer best solution of custom clearance in cost avoidance and risk evading to those Small and Medium - Sized Enterprise who is unfamiliar and suffering with those Terms and Process in international trading and importing、exporting procedure. Especially in Food、Groceries、New or used machines and spare tools、General or Special trade terms、processing imported materials、Urgent Delivery、Temporary Import, Export、Cosmetics、New or used musical instrument…etc. Our team will always be available to help and support our customer as always as we do.

Customs Clearance、Examination’s broker or agent

For those who don’t have an import, export managerial authority and no contracted custom broker with less experience in custom inspection, examination procedure we offer various optional service in acting as an agent、representative to arrange Import、Export、license borrowing、inspection、fumigation、Withhold and Pay out、custom transfer and Pick up、trucking、booking、warehousing, stuffing、 destuffing the container, prepaid to co-loader on behalf of shipper、consignee, transportation in both domestic and worldwide. Help to arrange the labeling of food and cosmetic product、Applying and pre - applying Carnet、Project Importation、Exportation.
Import and Export service usually contain Custom Inspection, Custom Examination, Custom clearance, Forwarding, Insurance, Withhold and Payout, warehousing. For some special case we offer more extra service in smooth the whole SOP and also to contact oversea sales agent on behalf of our client for purchasing and sales.

New Service Importing of Wine 、Alcohol

More over for some Wine lover ( Beer、 Whisky、Alcohol、 Sparkling Wine and all kind of drinks with alcohol ) we can also offer service to arrange the whole package of service from Packing、Pick up、Short time Storage、Inland transportation in oversea countries, Export custom clearance, Airfreight/ Sea freight, Insurance,  Packing、Inspection in Taiwan、Import License borrowing of alcoho、Chinese labeling in custom bonded warehouse, to door. To make sure your own special favor of testate of wine、alcohol could be taking good care without the boundary between countries.